February 11, 2010

5 Years Ago

   Spartan girls’ basketball team members are Jenna Sutton, Nicole McCall, Shaylah McCollum, Cami Huddleston, Renae Griffith, Lindsay Easom, Alisha McIntosh and Annette Medley. The coaches are Greg Billups and Mark Adams.

   Orofino High School We the People Team members will be in state competition in Boise in February. Those attending will be Eric Morin, Amanda McGehee, Jackie Wessels, Kelsie Olson, Mackenzie Snyder, Amy Huffman, Melissa Silva, Brian Crecelius, Alder Logan, Rob Shropshire, Eyler White, Chris Jones, Joe Zeisel, Aaron Marvin, Isaac Hull and Philip Nedoma.

15 Years Ago

   Orofino High School boys’ freshmen basketball team members are Darren Owsley, Tom Hayes, Chase Simpson, Ben Tomlinson, Ben Jackson, Scott Dykes, Chris Thomas, Brian Lathrop, Matt Deyo, Dean Owsley, Rick Sutton, Nick Galloway and Aaron Gray.

   Bill McCollum has been chosen as Konkolville Lumber Company’s employee of the month for January. He is responsible for the care and maintenance of their six foot double cut band saws.

   Timberline High School varsity boys’ basketball team members are Austin Bonner, Chad Engle, Bryan Trieb, Brandon Miller, Ron Fugate, Todd Kinard, Kelly Gibbar, Chris Lange, Dan Vanderpool and Jeff Good.

20 Years Ago

    Orofino Junior High eighth grade boys’ basketball team members are Andrew Dankel, Bo Bonner, Ryan Brooks, Tom Davis, Matt Bonner, Kenyon Anderson, Chris Merry, David Owsley, Jeremy Isbelle, Justin Scott, Eric Chipman and Bill York. The team is coached by Chad Easterbrook.

   Orofino Junior High School seventh grade boys’ basketball team members are Corey Medley, Randy Montambo, Jon Tomlinson, Ryan Bonner, Steve Coomer, Caleb Goodwin, Justin Pederson, Eric Bailey, Casey Waggener, Max Geidl, Bryan Rains, Brandon Kessinger, Josh Steiner, Tom Fowler and Dustin Brown. Their coach is Kenton Haye.

   Peggy Flowers is leaving Orofino for Lewiston, accompanying her husband Neal, who has accepted a position at Nez Perce County Engineers. Peggy leaves behind evidence of advancing modernization at the Clearwater Memorial Library where she has been employed as a librarian since July 1983.

   Morrie and Marilyn Moser are the new owners of M&M Pizza.

   Carolyn Steiner, a junior at the University of Idaho, was named to the fall Dean’s list in the College of Forestry, Wildlife and Science.

35 Years Ago

    State Highway Department has announced the opening of a new tourist and local use rest stop at Lenore. Cost was set at $254,882.

   Jo Sharrai and Jim Bessent have invited local groups to a session at the City Council Chambers to study applications for the $257,000 grant for a Community Center using Economic Development funds. The building would be built in the city park.

45 Years Ago

   John Davis is the new check scaler on the Clearwater Forest, succeeding Sonny Cooper.

   Six top honor students at Orofino High School are Gary Liden, Linda Gentry, Kathy Dobson, Ron Hanes and Sandra McCollister.

55 Years Ago

   Top high school scholastic honors were earned by Mollie Chase, Bonnie Adams, Jasper Avery, Arlene Brown, Robert Cole, Dorothy Brandt, Jim Cory, Barbara Fridley, Carol Lee Orr, May Pappenhagen, Alice Reeve, Dianna Shriver and Virginia Sturgess.

70 Years Ago

   A new six plane hanger has been completed at the airport.

   Deposits at the Bank of Orofino at year end were $2,078,000. Loans outstanding were $88,815.