From this Chair…

By Cloann McNall

   Still no smoked steelhead for the Valentine’s dinner party to initiate the new sunroom I had installed at the house this winter.

   The sunroom has caught the attention of several persons in town and I can truthfully say it has brought me the most satisfaction of any remodels I’ve done at the house.

   I’m looking forward to having the first of many dinner parties there. Michelle Gladhart at AmericanWest Bank commented on seeing the sunroom and said “Invite us all to a party in the sunroom and we’ll bring the goodies.” As many of us know these gals make the best party treats of all.

   To make the Valentine party interesting each person attending is required to wear something pink. Otherwise they don’t eat!

   When I told my daughter, Marcie, she said “Oh, Mom, Darold doesn’t own anything pink and I’m not going to spend money to buy him something for one evening.” Then she quickly added “But I know what I can do. I’ll paint his fingernails pink.”

   That should be something to see. Hopefully she will hide the fingernail polish remover at home so he has to wear the pink polish to the woods the next day. Think any of the other guys will notice?

   When I invited Betsy and Bruce Lang and told her about wearing pink, she said “Bruce has a pink bowling shirt he can wear but I will need to get something pink for myself.”

   My daughter, Diane Baldwin purchased her husband, John a pink polo shirt for the occasion.

   The sunroom will be turned into a bistro atmosphere, with candlelight and two tables for four persons each. Once the guests are seated the Phantom, wearing his pink striped shirt will serve his delicious pork loin roast, Marcie’s special potato recipe (given to her by Bonnie Bessent) and Betsy’s special Caesar salad.

   On second thought we will have John B. make some of his award winning fettuccini, a recipe he made up during his bachelor days.

   Oh yes, we must have some heart shaped frosted sugar cookies. A favorite of my family.

   I will be dressed in pink and ‘man’ the pink punch bowl!

   Writing this column reminds me of a rule learned years ago in journalism  to never write “bring your wife and a hot covered dish.”