Much of Judge Bradbury’s Clearwater County caseload to be reassigned

   Judge John Bradbury recently lost an ongoing battle with the Idaho Supreme Court which said that he was not in compliance with court residency requirements. Much of his existing caseload from Clearwater County will be reassigned to another judge.

   The mental health court and drug courts, with 15 and 18 participants respectively, had formerly been handled by Judge Bradbury. District Judge, Jeff M. Brudie, the administrative judge for the 2nd Judicial District, said it is hoped that 2nd District Judge John Stegner will also take over the county’s mental health court as he did the twice monthly drug court. All felony criminal cases in the county have been assigned to Judge Stegner.

    Bradbury spends the majority of his time now in a home in Grangeville. “I can do most of my civil cases from Grangeville, even though they involve Clearwater County,” said Bradbury. He will continue to handle prisoner civil rights related cases also from Grangeville.

   To make his 90 minute commute to Lewiston easier, Judge Bradbury had spent the majority of his nights in Lewiston. The long commute from Grangeville made it difficult to handle his caseload. “I can’t commute to Orofino one or two times every week from Grangeville like I could from Lewiston,” said Bradbury. In bad weather the commute can take up to five hours.