FEBRUARY 4, 2010

OJHS art students show robots at library

   The art students of Orofino Junior High School are exhibiting their “Robots” at Clearwater Memorial Public Library.  These papier-mâché sculptures may be seen near the checkout desk, in the children’s section of the library, and in the area of the Northwest book collection.

   Thirty-five seventh and eighth grade art students have their robots on display. Some are tall, some are small. All robots are the result of a multi-step process of assembling small shapes, taping, balancing, using glues and papier-mâché, covering with paints and foils, and adding accessories to enhance the designs. 

   Art students used small cardboard boxes, paper tubes, bottle caps, computer keyboard parts, wires, paint, foils, various kinds of glues, and different fun, found objects. Their challenge was to design and assemble a freestanding sculpture. 

   Students then wrote an essay about their use of the elements and principles of art and about the personality of the robot they created. Their essays are on display with their robots.

   Many thanks to the teachers, staff, and community members who donated recycled materials for this sculpture lesson.  Special thanks to OJHS volunteer, Chris Coonts, for her help in preparing the exhibit, as well as Haylin Moser and Tanner Schwartz, library assistants at the Junior High. The art students are in classes taught by Sandra Goffinet.

   The Robots exhibit may be seen during regular hours at the Clearwater Memorial Public Library.

Billy Bob Dana displays the computer components on the back of his robot, "Beauregard."


Joe Whitesell created "Iron Maiden 1" and Nic Donner created "Asian Bot."


Ariel Robertson created a colorful and happy robot with silvery finish and multi-colored accents.