FEBRUARY 4, 2010

15 Years ago

   The Orofino High School boys’ wrestling team members are Paul Larsen, Jamie Hubbard, Kelly Waggner, Mike Aarstad, Jim Aarstad, Mike Forest, David Clark, Sam Baumer, Justin Peterson, Stephen Kessinger, Josh Simpson, Cort Anderson, Casey Waggener, Nathan Manfull, Lee Steiner, Chris Steiner, Chris Bennett, Mike Lerch, Lindsay Shriver and Ross Williams.

   Tom Freeman for Potlatch Forests Inc. presented a check for $2,700 to Lee Eichert and Barbara Fitzsimons for a pilot project at Orofino Elementary School.

   Orofino High School boys’ basketball team members are Chad Steinbruecker, Zack Wilson, Josh Wilson, Jon Tomlinson, Ryan McGill, Scotty Tondevold, Brandon Kessinger, Max Geidl, Chris Wait, Josh Steiner and Ryan Bonner.

20 Years Ago

   Effective this week the Gift Gallery, located at in the Village Square, will be closed for inventory and will reopen under the ownership of Northwest Value Pharmacy. Ron Hemberry of Lewiston and Mick Hass of Moscow are the owners.

   Three Orofino High School students have been selected for the Idaho State Chorus/Band. Kayte Hope and Ben English for choir and Shelly Greene for band.

   Orofino High School boys’ varsity basketball team members are Tom Eichert, Kirk Kludt, Michael Espinosa, Ryan Platt, David McDade, Phillip Leonard, Chad Eck, Pat Dempsey, Scott Anderson, Ryan Laws and David Lambrechdt.

25 Years Ago

   Orofino Chamber of Commerce members met at the county jail this week to absorb some of the atmosphere and partake of food rations. New officers include Keith Hanson, Dennis Thompson and John Lacy.

   Currently Dworshak Dam is providing 450 megawatts of power 24 days a week according to Roger Colgan, Dworshak project engineer. He said with that kind of power production, the withdrawal rate from the lake is one foot per day and that the pool elevation is 1509.39. Colgan said if the snowpack and power demands continue as they have started out this year the reservoir will be evacuated to the minimum power pool level of 1445 feet above sea level. Full pool is 16000.         

   Orofino airplane owners met at the Ponderosa for a seminar on flying safety and presentations of awards to Bill Atkinson, Jim Cochrane, Ralph Lacey, Darold Kludt, Jack Millsap, Dean Plank, Mel Spelde and Vic Walters.

35 Years Ago

   The January annual edition of Track and Field News rated former O.H.S. discus thrower Jim McGoldrick as the sixth best discus man in the U. S. for 1974.

   Orofino City Council voted to participate in the Federal Flood Insurance program and passed a resolution requiring all new constructions in flood zones to be safe.

40 Years

   Dedication of two new high school buildings at Orofino and Timberline are set for February announced Ted Leach, board member.

   Navy Lieu James O. Crockett is visiting his family in Orofino enroute from duty change from submarine service in Hawaii to the atomic energy plant at Arco.

45 Years Ago

   Corps of Engineers has hired Kewitt and Cummings equipment to do flood control dike building to control waters of Whiskey Creek and Orofino Creek. Disaster headhunters have been set up in the Orofino Armory.

55 Years Ago

   Orofino temperatures climbed to a high of 60 degrees to soften the impact of the intermittent rain and snow storms that swept the area.

85 Years Ago

   Orofino’s new three story brick Helgeson Hotel will be officially opened commencing at six o’clock with a scrumptious banquet followed by a dance and inspection of the building.