FEBRUARY 4, 2010

Mall of Infinity, the Idea of the Decade, announces plans to come to Orofino

Submitted by Karen Hunter, Assistant to Katherine Sell

    All Cities Mall, Inc., owner of the Mall of Infinity and All Cities Mall’s Technologies Development Division, is now based in Orofino.  It is the vision of Katherine Sell to create a worldwide company for the purpose of creating jobs through providing services and support through a series of internet malls.

   Sell is based in Orofino and is bringing the technology to Orofino to set up a world-wide company while providing much needed jobs in the Clearwater County area. She had been advised to set up the company in Moscow because of the infrastructure around the University, but Sell wants to keep this in her home area and to provide jobs to the unemployed residents in Orofino and the surrounding community.

   This company is a high-tech company that will provide jobs for all skill levels. Employees will be trained in computer technology and customer service. Plans include a call-center in Orofino, which will run 24/7 and provide jobs for around 300 people. Discussion is underway to determine the exact location of this call center. When the project is fully developed it will have provided over 800 new jobs in the state of Idaho.

   Every state will have a minimum of 5 new jobs created by the end of June of 2010. The company will be leasing in 60 foreign countries by the end of 2010, which will produce a minimum of 20 jobs per country.

   Foremost in Sell’s mind is the needs of the community. She recognizes the lack of training in the job force. The jobs with All Cites Mall, Inc. will be high paying and will provide benefits, such as medical and dental insurance, along with 401K, paid holidays and vacations, and stock options. Employees will receive full training in their job areas.

   The non-profit component of the project is the Community of Angels, Inc. A portion of all sales through the internet malls will return to the Community of Angels in each community.  These funds will fulfill needs identified by the people who live in that community. These may be filling a food bank, providing furniture, food and clothing to a family who had a loss in a fire, building a community center with a skate park or contributing to the beautification of the area.

Community of Angels

   The Community of Angels will also provide training for people who are working on getting their GEDs or who need other life skills, such as budgeting or home finance management, as well as teaching dyslexics or people who do not know how to read to be able to read through the company’s software reading program.

   The first mall in a series of four malls is the Mall of Infinity. The Mall of Infinity will be a new interactive 3-D form of internet shopping. The 3-D technology will be used by each store owner to feature their products. The benefit of using the 3-D technology is that each item can be viewed from 360 degree angles. This will provide an almost life-like image of the products instead of the typical flat catalog images seen on other shopping websites.

   The benefit of this shopping experience is being able to see the sparkle in the diamond or to hear the satin rustle in a wedding dress and see how it will look when the bride is walking down the aisle. Each shopper will have a personal shopper to assist them and to provide instant shipping and handling costs instead of waiting for those costs at the check-out. As a mall member, shoppers will receive Life Lock for identity theft protection, as well as the highest level of security protection for their peace of mind. 

   The company will have 132 stores which will be expanded to 500 stores in two years. The company-owned stores will offer free shipping and handling. The Mall of Infinity will include brand, regional and local stores from around the world. The mall is in the form of a spiral, which means the local shop owners will be featured first, then the surrounding stores, followed by stores farther away from the shopper’s location.

   Local business owners will have the opportunity to market their products to a worldwide market without having to build new brick-and-mortar stores away from their homes.  For example, if a shopper is looking for a lamp made of antlers, he will see the shops in Orofino first, then the Lewiston, Clarkston, Moscow area, then expanding out to the Spokane area. That gives the shopper the chance to shop locally first before heading out of town to businesses who do not support their local economy. 

   The consignment shop and gallery will be a place for local artisans to sell their products. The consignment antique store will also be a place for sellers to provide their antiques for sale. These sellers normally cannot afford to advertise their products outside their local area, so the Mall of Infinity will help them get their products to consumers around the world. 

Phase 1

   Phase 1 includes stores from across the United States. Phase 2 will have 60 foreign countries that that use English as their primary or secondary language. Phase 3 will be stores produced in the 30 most common foreign languages. 

   All Cities Mall has hired computer design engineers in Budapest, Hungary, Wisconsin and Oklahoma to put this website together. Sell has done the market research in preparation for announcing her company, and has found that this is a new idea that the internet is ready for. With the announcement recently in Las Vegas of televisions going to 3-D, the timing is perfect for such a cutting-edge idea in internet shopping.

   Once the company goes online, other companies will be scrambling to try to catch up. With projected sales, All Cities Mall will surpass in three years. Sell states, “We will always lead the field because we will always be pushing the technologies envelope to be first.”

   Sell has many employment opportunities lined up for local workers. The first hiring wave will be to fill the call center. There are positions available in computer technology, human resources, accounting and other office positions, besides the call center operators. The call center will run three shifts every 24 hours. She is considering job-sharing, on-site day care, and other ways to meet the needs of her company and her employees.

   Hiring will begin in the next few months, followed by training. The mall will go online in September, so all employees must be trained and in place before then. Hiring opportunities will be announced in the community and surrounding areas as they become available.

   Anyone interested in employment should prepare their resumes and collect contact information for three references in preparation for the hiring process. Help with resumes can be found at several local agencies, including the Department of Labor and the Adult Learning Center.

   Sell is looking at developing a 200 luxury unit apartment complex to house employees who come from other areas of the state until they are able to purchase homes of their own. At that time the luxury units will be converted to Section 8 housing for seniors. "This will afford the opportunity to give our local seniors a very high-end unit with all the amenities for a very low-end cost," Sell said. Sell plans to also help to develop the Orofino Community Center.

Mall of Infinity

   The Mall of Infinity is the first of four malls planned. The mall will be made-up of stores from around the world. "It will be like actually walking into the store because of the 3-D technology," Sell said. The second mall is made up of service businesses. "In the services mall you can book a flight, make hotel reservations, and order a pizza," Sell elaborated.

   Any business that produces a service will be in this mall. The third mall is a business communications mall. This mall will allow businesses from around the world to use the highest technologies available to perform their daily communications. The final mall is a personal communications mall. Again, because of the high-tech nature of the communications available in this mall, it will become the wave of the future.

   With all four malls completed, The Omni World Trade and Communication Center is complete and then will be brought to television in 3-D. The company will be developing a manufacturing facility in Orofino to produce the high tech remote that will allow users to split screen, or pause live T.V. and then order a pizza in the services mall, have a live chat with a friend in the personal communications mall, schedule a video conference call in the business communications mall and buy a present in the Mall of Infinity, all without missing a moment of the program they were watching.

   "What makes the Mall of Infinity  so completely different from all other shopping sites is the 3-D camera we will be using to produce the stores,” Sell said. "The camera is patented technology that until now has been primarily used for military applications. Using this camera for the Malls is just the beginning of uses for the camera and will be one of the focuses to produce new products in the manufacturing facility to be built in Orofino within the next two years, producing another level of high paying jobs," Sell stated.

   "Although Orofino does not have the infrastructure to allow us to bring the dedicated servers to Orofino right now, I will be working with the City, County and State to move that division here, from Wisconsin, as quickly as possible to be able to produce another layer of high income jobs," Sell said. "Our design company is located in Oklahoma and will also be moved to Orofino in the near future," Sell concluded.

   "In all, we have the opportunity to create hundreds of jobs in Clearwater County and Orofino specifically," Sell continued.  "All the jobs will have training provided and will be open to all residents. If an applicant for a position does not have their high school diploma, once training is completed, they will have their G.E.D. Through software developed by one of our team members, we can even teach applicants to read," Sell said.  "I would also like to start a training program for prison inmates so that once they are released they will have a job waiting for them.”

   "The business plan allows us to franchise the Mall of Infinity to a resident of Clearwater County because of the Community of Angels, Inc., a non-profit organization," states Sells.  "The plan calls for us to begin the franchising process in 2011, however, because  Clearwater County has so many needs, I have decided to sell the franchise now instead of a year from now," Sell said.

   "What this means is that two percent of all sales in the Mall of Infinity will come back to Clearwater County until franchise sales begin in other areas a year from now. "I'm looking for someone who is active in the community and wants to help improve local conditions. Once the franchise is sold we will be adding the local stores to the mall and providing an internet cafe for those residents that only have dial-up," Sell concluded. Sell may be contacted for more information about owning a franchise at the office by email at

   Resumes may be submitted No phone calls will be accepted.  Training programs for computer design will require a three-month month course.  To learn more about the Community of Angels, Inc. and how you can help, please submit your inquiries to