FEBRUARY 4, 2010

Fraser experiences warm January

By Norma Brand

   The temperatures for the month of January remained mild. It warmed up during the day then cooled down to the low 30-degree range after dark. Long time residents, Gerry Armitage and Bertys Smolinski, reported they have never experienced a warmer January in all the time they have lived in Fraser.

   During the past week the weather in Fraser has been rainy. On Sunday morning we woke up to see the ground covered with snow. There wasnít any wind to blow it around so we ended up with about three inches of snow. Monday morning the skies were clear and we enjoyed a beautiful sunny day. How many of you feel the urge to find some outdoor project to do when the sun is out? Could it be early spring fever?

Winter carnival in McCall

   Caresse and Derek Brown visited friends in Riggins last weekend. They attended Winter Carnival at McCall, Caresse reported the town was very busy. They enjoyed the ice sculptures and the big parade. The theme this year was Mardi Gras so the floats were very colorful. Emma and Parker had fun gathering up the bead necklaces and the candy thrown from the floats.

   Parker celebrated his 5th birthday over the weekend. His cake was decorated with a dirt bike track and motorcycles. We heard Parker was really excited with the cake and especially the motorcycles.  Happy Birthday, Parker.

The Judds visit Clarabell Brown

   Loretta and Elvita Judd visited with Clarabell Brown on Saturday. Marie Green reported she and Mike were invited over to the Judd Ranch for brunch on Sunday. She enjoyed visiting with Elvita and the family. Loretta returned to Spokane on Sunday afternoon.

Lutes news

   Keith and Shirley Lutesí granddaughter, Jeniffer Robinson, and her family spent Saturday at the ranch. While the family visited at the ranch, her husband, Dylan had time to go ATV riding with Steve Brand and Reggie Ball. BreeLynn and great-grandpa Keith spent the day outside, they checked up on a heifer that was ready to calve and she rode one of the horses.

   Jeniffer reported her daughter has turned into a real cowgirl. Sean is now 11 Ĺ months old; he spent the day in the house with his great-grandmother Shirley and his great-great-grandmother Bertys Smolinksi. He is walking now and enjoyed playing in the toy box.

Other news

   On Saturday, Peggy Ball and Norma Brand had lunch at the Timberline Cafť in Weippe; Norma stopped in at the Lutesí on her way home to visit with everyone.

   Gerry Armitage reported his new granddaughter, Rilee Avery, is doing fine and she has gained a pound.

Ladies Get  Together Club

   Fraser Ladies Get Together Club will hold their regular monthly meeting on Wednesday, Feb. 10 at the Fraser Community Club. The meeting will start at 1 p.m. A light lunch will follow. Remember your secret sister with a valentine card or gift.

Fraser Community Center

   Cathy Walkerís article in last weeks Clearwater Tribune gave an up date on the maintenance and up keep at the Fraser Community Center. It described the progress that has taken place and the future plans for the indoor bathroom. The Board is planning to hold the Motherís Day prime rib dinner fundraiser again on Saturday, May 8. Watch for more information, as the time grown nearer. These funds are used to maintain the center.

   If you have questions please contact one of the board members Mike Beard at 435-4806, Marie Armitage at 435-4695, Donna Brown at 435-4459, Oreta Stuart at 435-4477 or Cathy Walker at 435-4814.

New power poles

   New utility poles are being installed on Cottonwood Road. The new poles will reduce the space between the existing poles so the wires will be less affected by high winds.

   Steve Brand observed the operation on Monday morning. A backhoe was used to dig the holes on the west-end of Cottonwood Road. The soil here is too rocky to dig the holes with an auger.

   Clearwater Power Company hired Wilson Construction from Canby, OR to place the poles and hook up the wires. Tuesday morning the crew returned to continue their work. The weather didnít cooperate so they framed the poles, this means they attached the cross arms and insulators to the top of the pole. Steve reported he enjoyed the operation and he had time to talk with knowledgeable crew.

Birthday wishes

   Happy Birthday goes out to Burt Chavez on Feb. 6 and to Theresa Luna on Feb. 8.