FEBRUARY 4, 2010

Clearwater County Commissioners news

Liquor license renewals

   The Board of Clearwater County Commissioners approved and signed expense and payroll claims at their Jan. 25 meeting. The Board approved and signed liquor license renewals for Elk Horn Bar, Ponderosa Restaurant/Brass Rail, Best Western at Riverís Edge and Dining on the Edge.

Road closures

   Rob Simon reported on the road crew work. The crews are working on various county roads. The heavy hauling closure of the lower roads has helped to keep them from further deterioration. The Grangemont Road has been plowed, sanded and sprayed with mag chloride. There are still slick portions that get sanded daily.

   The closure of the lower end of the road to heavy hauling has helped the road condition. There was discussion on curtailing the hauling earlier in the day. The side roads of Rudo and Bandmill have been posted closed to heavy hauling. No other changes were made at this time.

   The Board passed the motion to sign the Amended #213285 Order of Annexation, into the Orofino Rural Fire District.

Forest Service Cooperative Agreement

   The Forest Service Cooperative Agreement was discussed. The decision will need to be tabled since a change was made in the Addendum regarding firefighting. Sheriff Goetz will negotiate the wording with the Forest Service representative.

County property appraisals

   The county property appraisals from ICRMP were reviewed with Treasurer Jeannie Johnson and insurance agent of record Neal Johnson. ICRMP directed an outside appraiser to revalue all the county owned property. The value increased after the outside property appraiser (Valuations Northwest) completed appraisals. The Board approved the appraisal values and increased the insurance values accordingly.


   The IT, Networking, Re-addressing report was reviewed with Angela Vander Pas. The hookup fee to Inland Cellular for the Blackberry phones was discussed. Originally it was discussed that the set up fee could be paid out of General Misc., 01-18-499-00. The consensus is to pay the initial hook up fee out of the General Misc. and then the monthly fee out of each department if the budget can cover it.

   The prosecutorís office has asked for replacement of 4 or 5 new monitors, which Vander Pas will purchase out of IT Budget for approximately $500. There are offices operating on the 2000 or 2003 Microsoft Office program. All need to be upgraded to 2007 Microsoft. The licensing prices will run approximately $5,000.

New addresses

   The post office isnít recognizing all the new addresses, is this still a problem? IT is running a check on the new addresses in the database. This could be a problem at the Post Office itself. Vander Pas asked that the questions are directed to her in order to identify if itís a problem in the database or a postal problem. If the people have a post office box, the post office doesnít always recognize the physical address.

   There were three executive sessions held to discuss personnel, contract negotiations and indigent matters. Present for the meeting was Chairman Don Ebert and Commissioners Stan Leach and John Allen.