FEBRUARY 4, 2010

Where have all our children gone?

   This week’s Mystery Children are brother and sister, both who attended school in Weippe. After graduating the young lady moved to Orofino and has worked in customer service. Her brother went into the Navy, then law enforcement as he settled in Seattle, WA.

   They each had six children, with some of them growing up in Orofino and some in the Seattle area.

   Can you guess this week’s Mystery Child?

   Last week’s Mystery Child was Leonard Davis.

   Leonard Davis and Anna Jo Frederiksen, another OHS graduate were married in Orofino at the United Methodist Church in 1963. She has loved, honored and ironed his white shirts for nearly 47 years.

   They are now retired and still living in Boise. They have three daughters and seven grandchildren. You may see them wandering the streets of Orofino during Lumberjack Days and class reunions, visiting with friends and family.

   Congratulations to Betty Brown - the only person to correctly identify last week’s Mystery Child.

   Keep those photos and clues coming! We can always use more, so please mail photos for future Mystery Child columns to Clearwater Tribune, P.O. Box 71, Orofino, ID, 83544 or deliver your picture in person to our office on 161 Main St., or you may send them via email to

   Please remember to include clues to appear with the child’s photo and information to reveal the following week.