JANUARY 28, 2010

#1 plates make mysterious return

   Morey Snyder, whose #1 license plates were stolen from his car New Year’s said last week the plates had mysteriously showed up a few days earlier attached to the back of his car.

   Snyder said he came out of Barney’s and noticed the two stolen plates were screwed back to back onto the license plate holder on the back of his grey Oldsmobile Intrigue.

   In the meantime Snyder had ordered new plates and was waiting on their arrival when the old ones reappeared. There was no explanation included he said.

   He added “But I would like for the person who stole the other plates to reimburse me the $41.75 it cost for the new ones.”

   The #1 license plate has been in the Snyder family since 1916 when Snyder’s grandfather owned the first car in Clearwater County.