JANUARY 28, 2010

Bake sale/fundraiser Jan. 30 to help Haitians

   When six-year-old Isaac Stevenson learned of the earthquake in Haiti at school he was determined to make a difference.

   Isaac came home and told his parents that they had to sell stuff to make money for the kids in Haiti, because they have no food or water. He even took all the money out of his little bank, a little more than $4, but he was really proud to do it.

   When questioned by his mother about why he wanted to do this, he answered “Jesus told me to.” She suggested that they put on a bake sale at the park to help accomplish his mission.

   So on Saturday, Jan. 30, Isaac will be at Orofino City Park selling bake goods. If anyone is able to donate baked goods to sell to help out, they will be most graciously accepted.  

   Isaac has some health problems that will require him to travel to Spokane for some testing and surgery. Instead of worrying about his own issues, he prefers to help others, pretty amazing for a little guy of his age. If for health reasons he is not able to be there, family members will be on hand at the park to help Isaac reach his goal of making $100 to send to Haiti.

   Isaac and his family moved to Orofino from northern California about a year and a half ago. He has two brothers and four sisters.