JANUARY 28, 2010

Fraser Community Center update

By Cathy Walker

   Ten years ago the Fraser Community Center Board was formed and took over the responsibility of the maintenance and up keep of the Fraser Grange. This happened because if the Fraser Grange ever disbanded, the building would have been the property of the State Grange and the community would have lost a local meeting place.

   The Fraser Community Center Board wants to update the community on what has been happening with the community building. We know everyone is anxious to have an indoor bathroom and it looks like it should happen this year.

   A couple of items have had to be priority first to keep the building usable. The electrical panel has been updated for the remodeling. The old one used the glass fuses. A new cooking stove was installed and a window had to be replaced. There has been a new wood heating stove installed.

   The board tried different things to keep the old one from smoking so bad, but to no avail. The next item the board decided was important was updating the lights. There were fixtures going bad. That should be happening soon.

   At the February or March meeting the board will be looking at bids for installing a new bathroom, septic, new linoleum in the kitchen, hallway, and bathroom, and new countertops in the kitchen. The board decided to install a water holding tank and hauling water because the cistern that the building uses will not support the usage of the bathroom and then people will not have to bring water for drinking. On some items we will be using volunteers.

   The Board voted to hold another Motherís Day prime rib dinner on May 8. The board would like to thank all of those who have supported the dinner in the past.

   If you have any questions, please contact one of the following board members, Mike Beard, Donna Brown, Marie Armitage, Oreta Stuart or Cathy Walker.