JANUARY 28, 2010

Clearwater County Commissioners news

Grangemont Road closed to heavy hauling

   Rob Simon reported on the road crew work at the Jan. 19 Clearwater County Commissioners meeting. Kyle Wetmore from Idaho Forest Group expressed his concern on the County closing the Grangemont Road to heavy hauling.  He said they still have about six million board feet to be sent to the mill. Rich McMillan, Potlatch Corporation, also appealed to the County to keep Grangemont Road open for heavy hauling. There are approximately 200 loads being sent by the logging contractors down Grangemont and the State and Potlatch would like to see them get as much hauled as possible before breakup.

    Chair Ebert explained that the County isn’t in the business of stopping commerce but the truckers need to consider the condition of the road and drive according to the conditions. The contractors could change the haul route and go out the top of Grangemont and close the lower end of the road. Rob Simon looked at Grangemont Thursday and Friday and this morning up to Mile Marker 14. The hauling is taking a toll from Nine Mile down because there isn’t any frost in the ground. The Commissioners agreed to close the Grangemont Road to heavy hauling from Johnson’s Mill Road down to the city limits. 

Expense claims

   The Board approved and signed expense claims. The Board approved and signed liquor license renewals for Elk River Lodge & General Store, Barney’s Harvest Foods #4 and Homestead Lounge.

   Sheriff Goetz provided a report from the department. Also present was Chief Deputy Rick Miller and Marine Deputy Mike Gladhart. Sheriff Goetz has been appointed to the North District BLM RAC and serves as secretary on the Sheriff’s Association for the State. 

ATV tracks and rescue sled

    Chief Deputy Miller presented the Parks and Recreation Grant application for Off Road Motor Vehicle Fund for ATV tracks and rescue sled for a total of $6,400 with match of $1,000.  The Board passed a motion to sign the grant application.

Historical Society budget funds

   Clerk Carrie Bird presented information on the claim from the Historical Society for the second half of the budget funds for the 2008/2009 fiscal year.   The recommendation is to re-open the 2009/2010 FY Budget to pay the funds out this year and add that portion to the Historical Society Budget. The budget will have to be re-opened to pay out the last portion of the budget for 2008/2009 FY.

   Clerk Bird is working with the outside auditor for the 2009 fiscal year audit.

Dworshak State Park

   Gary Jacobosky met with the Board to discuss the operations at Dworshak State Park. Jacobosky met with Paul Pence to discuss some options for managing the park.  He is interested in the County taking over the lease from the State or allowing private sectors to take over the management.

   The Dworshak Recreation Association is actively trying to keep the marina operating. The Commissioners are weighing all the options for what will be needed to operate the facilities.  Once a decision is made on the sublease of the State contract then public will be notified.

   There were three executive sessions held to discuss personnel, contract negotiations and indigent matters. Present for the meeting was Chairman Don Ebert and Commissioners Stan Leach and John Allen.