JANUARY 28, 2010

Where have all our children gone?

   This three year old dapper dude was born in Washington and arrived in Clearwater County in 1946. He made it through the first grade under the guidance of Mrs. Bonner (Irene) and grew up to play football with the Maniacs. He became a “12 year senior”, graduating in 1957.

   Commonly known as a “penny pincher” he had a serious love affair with automobiles.

   He moved to Boise to attend school and thereafter settled into a lifetime career of counting other peoples’ money.

   Can you guess this week’s Mystery Child?

   John Garrison, the only boy in a household of girls, was last week’s Mystery Child.

   When John isn’t at work at Orofino Physical Therapy he enjoys his family, the outdoors, cars, writing, reading, and Robert Frost poetry.

   June Finke was the first person to correctly identify last week’s Mystery Children, followed by Cathy Bush. Rachel Bonnalie, Alice Reynolds, John and Dolly Cooke, Helen Steiner, Cyndi King Parkhouse and Colette Hudgins.

   Keep those photos and clues coming! We can always use more, so please mail photos for future Mystery Child columns to Clearwater Tribune, P.O. Box 71, Orofino, ID, 83544 or deliver your picture in person to our office on 161 Main St., or you may send them via email to

   Please remember to include clues to appear with the child’s photo and information to reveal the following week.