JANUARY 28, 2010

From this Chair...

By Cloann McNall

   Or “Annie the mule” as some close family members might know me to be.

   During my son-in-law Darold Stanton’s younger days he had a most illustrious, daring sense of humor of which my daughter, his wife, Marcie and I were often the brunt of the jokes.

   This sense of humor is what led Darold to name one of his newborn mules after me, Cloann, later to be known as Annie.

   I cautioned him “Don’t you be outside yelling at that mule, calling her Cloann.” What will the neighbors think I’m up to if you yell for Cloann to stop chewing the bike seats, kicking the horses or doing whatever strange things mules do?”

   I think this was motivated by the joke about the man whose mother-in-law had been kicked in the head by a mule and died. At the funeral one man passed by and said “I’m sorry about your mother-in-law” and the next man asked “Is that mule for sale and can I buy it?”

   So now it’s my turn to tell an amusing (to me) story about Darold eating dog biscuits.

   The other day Darold stopped by the house to pick up a chair to take to my granddaughter’s home in Lewiston.

   It was around 2 in the afternoon and apparently Darold hadn’t had much to eat yet and was hungry. On a little refrigerator downstairs I keep a container of doggie cookies for my pooch, Mary Jane. And next to it is a Tupperware container filled with Franz frosted animal cookies that I give to Mary Jane for ‘good girl’ treats.

   The Phantom and I were standing by Darold when he picked up one of the dog cookies and asked “Are these dog cookies or is it OK for me to eat one?”

   Before I could answer the Phantom said “It’s OK, Cloann eats them all the time.” He thought Darold had the frosted animal cookies but instead he’d picked up a cookie out of the unmarked dog cookie container. So before I could tell Darold differently he had attempted to bite into the hard dog cookie but to no avail.

   I said, “Don’t try to eat that” and explained “he (meaning the Phantom) has seen me eating the frosted animal cookies, but never the dog biscuits!”

   The dog treats are frosted with sprinkles so it’s almost possible to tell the difference from human treats. The location of the two cookie containers has now been changed to protect the unsuspecting.

   But still two jars of peanut butter sit side by side. In big red letters one is marked PEOPLE and the other is marked DOGS. The Phantom, a chemist, said “I’ve never seen anything like that in my life.”

   It is definitely a dog’s world at my place.