JANUARY 28, 2010

Black and Gold art show features student art

   The annual "Black and Gold" Timberline High School student art show took place last Wednesday through Saturday at Studio 205 on Main Street, Pierce.  By the close of the show 169 viewers had signed in.

   Some students had other commitments so were unable to be photographed. Amanda Ahart is the only Timberline student that has been in the art show for all four years.

   The Gerots appreciate the Timberline High staff’s overwhelming support and thank the community for their support of the students.

Jordan Ahart, a sophomore, has been drawing since he was six. He does pencil, photography but mostly pencil.  "Lots of things we could do if we had art class."

Aspen Jared is a freshman.  Poetry is her medium. "I've been doing it since 7th grade and I love it!"

Schreline McIntosh is a sophomore. "I have been drawing since I was 8. I never took art class though."

Dan Raymond is a Junior and has been drawing with pencil since he was 7 or 8.  He prefers graphic designs, which are done freehand. Dan says this particular piece took about ˝ hour to create.

Shannon Williams has been painting 3-4 years and mostly uses oil. This particular piece is called Planets and Stars and was done using acrylics.  She is a sophomore this year.

Brittney Berreth is a sophomore.  She uses pencil as her medium and has been drawing since she was 6. This piece is titled "The Overcoming" and Brittney says represents "your spiritual walk with God and when you get to the other side of the river it becomes beautiful."

Casey Cooper is a junior and has been drawing with pencil since 7th grade. This piece is The Brooch.  Casey says he will always draw but not as a career.  This piece is his favorite drawing so far.


Christen Lalonde is a sophomore, uses mostly pencil but "I use pastels sometimes." "My drawing is a way to express myself, I get my ideas mostly from reading."


Kristina Vancorbach is a Senior. Hunting photos are her favorite subjects. She started photography in 4H and feels "it will always be part of my life."

Austin Blain is a senior.  A family Portrait.  His piece is worked in leather, the subject taken from a family photo.  He started leather tooling in 4-H when his instructor was Oreta Stuart. He has made IPOD and camera cases and wallets among his pieces.  For this piece he used 3-4 leather working tools. 


Asia Eastman is a junior. She uses pencil for her drawings and says her favorite subjects are people and animals.  She has been drawing as long as she can remember.  Asia says she became interested in drawing watching her older brother, Josh.


Dustin Hodges is a senior.  His pieces show his skill at wood burning.  This large piece is his first wood burning project and was made especially for his home. It includes all family members names, a clock, hygrometer, thermometer and barometer. Dustin says his grandfather gave him advice as he is a woodworker also.

Kendrick Jared is a junior.  His piece is a magazine holder and was created in shop class at Timberline. Russell Miles is the shop instructor.  This is Kendrick's third year in welding. He used MIG welding and a scroller to create this unique design.