JANUARY 21, 2010

January 21, 2010

   Driving along the Clearwater River on Hwy. 12, plenty of fishermen can be seen casting their lines from the bank, wading in as deep as the boots allow, as well as trolling in boats to find the big one in just the right hole.     

   As of Jan. 11, the steelhead harvest count was reported as follows;

   Clearwater River (Mouth to Orofino Bridge) - Out of 107 anglers checked and 417 hours fished, 20 fish were kept and 25 fish were released. Water temperature is recorded at 33 F.

   North Fork of the Clearwater - Out of 70 anglers checked and 329 hours fished, 15 fish were kept and 5 fish were released. Current water temperature is recorded at 45 F.

   For more fishing information  contact the Idaho Fish and Game Department at http://fish

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