JANUARY 21, 2010

January thaw in Fraser

By Norma Brand

   The Fraser community has been warm during the month of January. Our temperatures during the day have been from 30 to 35 degrees and between 20 to 37 degrees over night. It looks like we will have a January thaw that may last all the way through the month. There is evidence of snow in the sheltered places but the rain has melted it off the fields. There is evidence of snow in the sheltered places but the rain has melted it off the fields. We hope that snow will fall during the months of February and March so we end up with enough snow to relieve the chances of drought this summer.

   The first Board Game Day was held at the Fraser Community Center on Saturday, Jan. 16. Jack Smolinski, LaDonna Chapman and Maebellann Steadman arrived early and were engaged in a game of three-handed pinochle, until Reggie Ball arrived to fill the fourth spot. Yahtzee and Mexican Train Dominoes were played at another table. Everyone had a great time and snack foods and coffee were enjoyed during the afternoon.

   Marie Green enjoyed a visit from Shirley and Ken Schoenek on Sunday. The Schoeneks also visited with Clarabell Brown before they returned to Orofino.

   The firewood raffle fundraiser for the Timberline Schools baseball team has been extended. Tickets for the two cords of split firewood are still available. Call Dan Goodrich at 464-2152 or Jessica Gangewer at 435-4830 for more information. It’s a great cause and who knows how long our winter will last. Tickets cost $5 each or $10 for three.

   Have your purchased your copy of “The Pierce Chronicle”
yet? This manuscript is the life story of Elias Davidson Pierce as he dictated it to his niece, Lula Jones Larrick. The City of Pierce will celebrate its 150th anniversary this year. During discussions with the Idaho State Historical Society about a yearlong celebration, one of the directors remembered having seen boxes of this book.

   The Pierce GEM Team was able to obtain 302 copies; they are now available at The Blue Moose, Studio 205, The Outback Resort, Pierce City Hall and the Pierce Public Library. Norma spoke with Diane Gerot of Studio 205 on Saturday, copies are still available.

   If you can’t make it to Pierce, you can call (208 464-1057 and one will be shipped to you. Shipping is free of charge. This book is a perfect gift for anyone. It’s printed on high quality paper and is bound in a hard cover.

   Linda and Mike Beard send happy birthday greeting to their daughter Sharon (Klein) Cape. Sharon and her husband Jon now reside in Santa Fe, New Mexico.

   Happy birthday goes out to Cathy Walker on Jan. 22 and to Suzy Johnson on Jan. 24.

   Happy Anniversary goes out to Donna and Dan Stickney on Jan. 24.