JANUARY 21, 2010

Clearwater County Commissioners news

Emergency Manager presents updated Emergency Operations Plan

January 11, 2010

   Don Gardner, Emergency Manager presented the updated Emergency Operations Plan (EOP) for review and adoption. The EOP was last updated in 2003. There are changes in policies at Federal and State level and changes in technology. The base plan is how the County interacts with the Incident Command. There is discussion on the plan for action in various disasters that could happen in the County.

   Board approved and signed liquor license renewals for Mary Annís Grocery; S & S Foods, LLC; Oasis Club; Hayes-Dawson Company; Cardiff Spur Store; Flame Bar; The Lucky Inn; Pierce Mini Mart; Fiesta En Jalisco; China Palace; VFW; Sunset Mart #11 and Sunset Mart #3; Country Catering/High Country Inn; Shot Glass and Judyís at Orofino Golf and Country Club and a catering permit for Log Inn.

   The Board approved and signed the Ahsahka Water & Sewer District Water System Improvements pay request #17 for funds invoices and documents for #ICDBG-08-II-07-PF.

   December, 2009 expense claims were approved and ordered to be paid in the following

amounts: Current Expense-$16,774.65; Road & Bridge-$41,931.12; Ambulance-$4,285.00; District Court-$2,151.81; Justice Fund-$48,929.16; Drug Court-$77.97; Social Services-$27,814.73; Parks and Recreation -$113.51; Revaluation-$2,270.96; Enhanced 911-$2,457.08; Solid Waste-$18,336.62; Current Expense Tort-$4,280.22; Weeds-$493.68; Dent Bridge Trust-$239.34; Insurance & Grants-$136,394.68; Waterways $489.17; Hospital Loan Trust Account-$6,712.58; Court Trust 9110-$1,713.00. Total expenses for December were $315,465.28.

   Rob Simon reported on the road crew work. A preconstruction conference was scheduled for the 11th at 1 p.m. at the ITD District Two office. They will review the Project No. BR-4783(105); Key No. 08707; Dent Bridge prior to the construction starting after the meeting. The design and construction contract was released to HNTB. The plans were reviewed with RSCI from Meridian, ID; they were the successful bidder at $191,500 which was the construction bid amount for the Dent Bridge project. The drainage and ventilation issues will be addressed.

   IT/Networking/Re-addressing report was reviewed with Angela Vander Pas. The GPSing is going to start on the city addresses. They will GPS address points to build the data base in MSAG for Enhanced 911. This will allow for any corrections of points for emergency dispatch.

   Clerk Carrie Bird presented information on the designation of the precincts and designation of the Commissionerís Districts. The precincts are staying the same, but the Commissionerís Districts are changing. Commissioners approved the motion.

   The 2009 Financial Report was submitted for the Board signatures. The report is the acceptance of the audit for the 2009 Financial Report. Chair commended the Clerk on her hard work on the financial report.

   The Clearwater County Economic Development Council (CCEDC) pay request to the State of Idaho for $12,000 for funding the economic development position for this area was approved and a letter of request for funds was submitted by Clerk Bird.

   There were three executive sessions held to discuss personnel, contract negotiations and indigent matters. Present for the meeting was Chairman Don Ebert and Commissioners Stan Leach and John Allen.