JANUARY 21, 2010

From this Chair…

By Cloann McNall

   Fishing on the Clearwater River.

   The Phantom invited my son-in-law and his father Dave Baldwin of Spokane to join him Saturday on a fishing excursion on the Clearwater River below my house Saturday.

   Diane, my daughter who is John’s wife, and I were up and at ‘em Saturday morning to feed the three guys breakfast, if you can call it that, of coffee, orange juice and cinnamon rolls. To me breakfast is not breakfast without protein.

   While they sat at the counter eating and talking about fishing tackle lures, bait and lines Diane and I tuned them out and turned our attention to fixing lunch for them to take on the boat.

   During breakfast one or more of the guys would get up and walk to the window to watch the fishermen in the three boats below the house. They actually saw one or two persons reel in a couple of fish. That made them anxious to head out!

   The plan was if one of them got a steelhead on their line the Phantom would call me on his cell phone and tell us to come out on the deck and watch them reel it in!

   About after an hour or so of seeing them in their boat on the river the phone rang. I answered saying “Hi, you caught one?” I asked excitedly. (We were hoping for smoked steelhead for our first dinner party in the new sunroom.) There was no answer on the other end of the line phone, just dead silence.

   Not wanting to miss the excitement of seeing them reel in ‘a big one’ I immediately returned the Phantom’s call and asked “Did you just call me?” He replied “well, uh, yes.” More silence so I asked, “What’s going on? Did it get away?”

   He said “I thought we’d caught a big one so I called you to watch us reel it in but when we realized we’d snagged a rock and not a steelhead I hung up before you could answer.”

   No fish that day from the river but they made it home in time for us to attend the annual Rotary Crab Feed. So we still had fish for dinner Saturday night.

   Better luck next time, guys!