JANUARY 14, 2010

Emma Watson (right) receives a surprise St. Therese doll from Kathy Dougherty during mass at St. Theresa’s Catholic Church. Dougherty represented the women of St. Theresa’s and St. Catherine’s Catholic Church in Kamiah for the presentation. (Photo courtesy of Edie Anderson)


It all started with a little girl’s wish

   It started with a little girl’s wish for a very special doll and it became a project that the women from two churches made happen because of collaboration and networking at a Clearwater Human Needs Council meeting.

   Edie Anderson made a presentation at the CHNC general council meeting last spring about the Make-A-Wish Foundation America. She is a “wish granter” with the organization. Make-A-Wish Foundation grants wishes to children between two and a half and 18 years of age that have life threatening illnesses.

   Anderson was working with Emma Watson of Craigmont on a somewhat unusual wish to meet the Pope in Rome and receive her first Communion from him on her 7th birthday. She also wished for a St. Therese doll.

   When Anderson mentioned the wish for the special doll, there was an almost instant response from Kathy Dougherty who is a member of St. Theresa’s Catholic Church in Orofino. She, in collaboration with Mary Bruder of St. Catherine’s Catholic Church in Kamiah, brought together their two women’s groups to purchase the doll for Emma. Both Dougherty and Bruder are CHNC members and regularly attend general council meetings.

The St. Therese doll was presented to Emma as a surprise during mass at St. Theresa’s Catholic Church July 12 while the congregation watched the fulfilling of a young girl’s heartfelt wish.

   Due to her health, Emma was not able to travel to Rome for her seventh birthday, but later received the okay from her doctors and the trip was rescheduled.

   “It was amazing to see the collaborative efforts of different organizations merge perfectly to provide for the wishes of this little girl.  This is a fantastic example of the initial vision of how Clearwater Human Needs Council is intended to operate:  working together to meet the needs (and wishes!) of the citizens of Clearwater County.  That includes the youngest of our citizens,” said Maria Ward, founder and past-chairperson of Clearwater Human Needs Council.

   Make-A-Wish is all about granting a child’s heartfelt wish. Clearwater Human Needs got to help make it come true.