JANUARY 14, 2010

Three returning Orofino City Council members took the oath of office at Tuesday’s City Council meeting. Shown at the swearing-in are (l to r) City Clerk Janet Montambo, incumbents Mike Deitrick and Ted Brown. Ron Banks, who completed the unfinished term of Ryan Smathers in 2009, was officially elected to the post of councilman and also sworn in Tuesday.

Orofino City Council

Council members sworn in

   In a swearing-in ceremony Tuesday, three returning city council members took the oath of office as administered by City Clerk, Janet Montambo.

    Incumbent Mike Deitrick, and incumbent Ted Brown were duly sworn in. Councilman Ron Banks, who completed the unfinished term of Ryan Smathers in 2009, was officially elected to the post of Councilman and sworn in to office as such.

Council President

   Doug Donner was unanimously elected to the post of Council President.

Standing Committee Assignments

Standing Committee assignments were submitted as follows: Finance/Personnel: Marguerite McLaughlin (Chair); Roy Clay; Ted Brown. Street: Mike Deitrick (Chair); Ted Brown; Marguerite McLaughlin. Water/Sewer: Marguerite McLaughlin (Chair); Mike Deitrick; Ron Banks. Park/Recreation: Ron Banks (Chair); Mike Deitrick; Doug Donner. Building/Fire: Ted Brown (Chair); Doug Donner; Roy Clay. Airport: Doug Donner (Chair); Marguerite McLaughlin; Ron Banks. Police: Roy Clay (Chair); Ryan Smathers; Mike Deitrick. The Beautification Committee has been eliminated.

   Some discussion was held concerning whether it is proper and productive to have Mayor Smathers serve on the Police Committee as he is to hold the tie breaking vote in any split decision. If he were not to serve on that committee, however, he would be the sole supervisor for city officials including the Chief of Police. Mayor Smathers felt it better served the community to have others (besides himself) giving valuable input as a committee rather than him acting alone as the sole supervisor.

Public Hearing

   A public hearing was opened to entertain a proposed Special Use Application by Douglas Gray at his place of business at: 636 Michigan Avenue.

   Katrina Johnson entered into the record that she would not object to legal parking as long as it does not obstruct public access into the adjacent alley.

   A motion was carried to allow the special use permit, providing Dr. Gray complies with all legal parking requirements. The special use permit is noted to be non-transferable.

Water Plant

   City Administrator, Rick Laam reported that there is a problem with former land descriptions relating to the former legal description for the water plant.

    The survey is progressing and is expected to be completed possibly by the end of the month. He has had no response yet from the Railroad.


   With regard to the proposed opening of two Corporal positions, if Officer Eric Dodge is promoted to Corporal there would still be two positions needing to be filled.

   Chief Wilson stated that he will provide council with a year-end report including statistical  comparisons extending back five years. He is waiting for the final statistics to be completed for 2009 before that report may be submitted. 

   Chief Wilson stated that the department has been working in close conjunction with the County Sheriffs Office to resolve ongoing drug investigations. He reported that joint efforts have been productive.

   With OPD currently understaffed, officers have had to work three to five hours a week in addition to ten hour shifts to accomplish needed coverage.

   Chief Wilson will be attending an upcoming meeting in Boise for police chiefs.

Inmate Work Crews

   Discussion was held concerning whether inmate work crews, assisting on city projects, had proper supervision from guards.