JANUARY 14, 2010

Clearwater County Commissioners news

Cost share and operating agreement for groomed snowmobile trails approved

Dec. 28

   The Board approved and signed the Modification #1, Cost Share Agreement and Operating Agreement #09-CS-11010500-002, between the County, State of Idaho and Clearwater National Forests for the Groomed Snowmobile Trails.

   The Board approved and signed expense claims and payroll claims, approved and signed liquor license renewals for Riverside Lanes and Woodlot Tavern and Café and Timber Inn.

   The Clearwater County Cafeteria Administration Plan and Resolution were reviewed. This updates the administrator for the plan for employees that are enrolled. The Board approved a motion for the adoption of the Clearwater County FBP Cafeteria Administration Plan.

   Rob Simon reported on the road crew work. The road crews are working on pothole patching on the Grangemont Road, applying mag chloride and equipment maintenance in the shop. The rail car of mag chloride will be delivered sometime this week at no transport charge to the County, since it has been delayed in shipping.

   The Board held a public auction for excess County property. The Selzler property, known as RP01400001015BA, was set for public auction and was won by Clay Hesson.

   There were two executive sessions held to discuss personnel, contract negotiations and indigent matters. Present for the meeting was Chairman Don Ebert and Commissioners Stan Leach and John Allen.