JANUARY 14, 2010

Where have all our children gone?

   These Orofino natives are the oldest of nine siblings. All are 12 year seniors at Orofino High School. One still lives in Orofino, one lives in Lenore, one in Kellogg, and one in Grangeville.

   Can you guess this week’s Mystery Children?

   Last week’s Mystery Children were Dan and Jodie Burnham.

   Dan and his wife, Heather reside in Orofino. Dan is the Branch Manager and Asst. Vice President for U. S. Bank.  In his spare time he enjoys golf.

   Jodie presently lives in Seattle, where she is an executive with NARS Cosmetics.

   The first person to call and identify last week’s Mystery Children was Debbie Claffey, followed by the “Potlatch girls”, Josh Goodwin called in next, then Nikki Anderson, Jennie Olin Hileman of Bessie, OK, and Karen Wilson.

   Keep those photos and clues coming! We can always use more, so please mail photos for future Mystery Child columns to Clearwater Tribune, P.O. Box 71, Orofino, ID, 83544 or deliver your picture in person to our office on 161 Main St., or you may send them via email to

   Please remember to include clues to appear with the child’s photo and information to reveal the following week.