JANUARY 14, 2010

From this ChairÖ

By Cloann McNall

I know we canít take the risk out of all aspects of life but I think a lowered speed limit on Hwy 12 through Riverside would provide a safety net for motorists.

   More and more businesses are opening up shop along Hwy 12  in Riverside and all shoppers must  either pull onto or turn off Hwy 12 which has a 50 mile per hour speed limit.

   There are many residences along that stretch as well as back behind the businesses.

   If an accident occurs along this stretch it is generally a bad one due to a vehicle being struck broadside by an oncoming vehicle traveling the speed limit of 50 mph.

   I know motorists need to be aware of oncoming traffic on Hwy 12 and I have been vigilant not to error (so far) when I leave my home in Riverside, drive down the hill and pull onto Hwy 12.

   While Iím stopped at the bottom of the hill the trucks go barreling past the nose of my Jeep traveling through Riverside at 50 mph and Iím smart enough to know if someone erroneously pulls onto or turns off Hwy 12 in front of traffic there will be a serious accident and even a fatality.

   Truckers donít agree the speed limit along that stretch of highway should be lowered. But an 18-wheeler barreling through a business district on a highway intercepted by every road and driveway in this area is a scary thought.

   I donít know of any other town or city Iíve visited that has a 50 mph speed limit through a business/residential area.

   Iíve lived at the same location in Riverside since 1973 and the traffic on 12 is so much heavier now than then that there is no comparison to the risk involved for vehicles pulling onto Hwy 12 from a business or side street or making a left hand turn off the highway.

   I donít know how long the speed limit through Riverside has been posted 50 mph on Highway 12 but I think with the passing of time and increased traffic, businesses and residences it is time to take a second look at reducing the speed limit. This would only involve a stretch of five miles from the west edge of town to the Orofino Bridge.

   Since 12 is a US Highway I donít know whether or not the State Transportation Dept. has the authority to lower the speed limit on this busy five mile business district.

   Readers are welcome to write the Clearwater Tribune and tell us how you feel about the 50 mph speed limit through the Riverside business district.

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