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This is not a scientific poll.

Updated August 29 at 2:40 p.m.

Updated August 29 at 2:40 p.m.

August 28, 2014 Front Page
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August 21 Poll Results
Gov. Rick Perry Indictment
Do you agree with the charges filed against Texas Gov. Rick Perry, alleging he misused his office?

30% Yes, I agree with the charges. (15)
46% No, I do not agree with the charges. (23)
22% I don’t know yet—I’ll have to hear more. (11)

This is not a scientific poll.

Story Headlines for August 28, 2014
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  • A brand new school year and even the teachers are eager
    Students and teachers alike have much to be excited about as the new school year begins. This past summer has been extremely productive in the way of improvements to the district’s facilities and in the services available to students. Board members and the Superintendent of the Orofino Joint School District #171, met in the library at Orofino High School Aug. 25 to review the district’s progress as well as make up for the board meeting scheduled Aug. 18, which was postponed due to lack of a quorum. The board heard from Mr. Therien on the new group of students at IDYCA. Classes commenced four weeks ago, with 95 students enrolled. Therien, Principal and instructor at the academy informed the board that the attrition rate was lower than last year. “Enrollment is now at 89,” he said, “with the possibility of a few more deciding the program isn’t for them.” Therien went on to report that classes are going well and students display a wide range of abilities.” After looking at transcripts, it was estimated that he predicts as many as 15 students will graduate this year. Part of the program’s requirements includes Service to Community. Recently, the students have spent 280 hours at Fraser Park, cleaning up after recent storms. They have also worked at Dworshak Reservoir and continue their weekly visits to work at the hatchery.
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  • Second Grangemont Road closure in effect
    A second road closure on Grangemont Road began Aug. 20, and is anticipated to last through Friday, Oct. 31. This closure will be from milepost 4.5 to 4.8. It is separate from the one currently in effect in the area of mileposts 18-19. This second closure is an Emergency Relief Federal-Aid Project, to reconstruct Grangemont with a subsurface drain installation, which will mitigate the effects of the landslide that has jeopardized the roadway. This project will require a complete road closure during active construction. A detour route on Wells Bench Road has been provided.
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  • P&Z returns to a full agenda
    Orofino Planning and Zoning Commission (P&Z) met for a regular meeting Aug. 19. Their meeting last month was postponed due to lack of a quorum. Commissioner Tristan Harvey and Chairman Dewey Stewart were not present. The panel consisted of Commissioners Kaye Carver, Teena Gortsema, Tammy Clark and Liz Steiner. The agenda consisted of two public hearings and discussion and review of the proposed changes to Zones C-2, and C-3 of the city's current Zoning Ordinance. The first public hearing was for a zoning variance request filed by Jason Meyer, who simply stated he watned a bigger shop and a smaller house. The property is zoned R-3, the Multi-Family Dwelling District, and is located on Dewey Ave. To read the rest of this article, please subscribe. If you already subscribe, log in and read page 4A.

  • Maniacs putting it together for 2014
    It looks like the Orofino Maniac 2014 football season could turn out to be one of those “underdog-stories”—that is, if you believe what the Idaho sportswriters say…or more correctly, don’t say. After being ranked as a real powerhouse last year, the Maniacs are completely unmentioned in this year’s rankings. That is a well-deserved tribute, of sorts, to the players who graduated last spring, but it still amounts to a slap-in-the-face to this year’s team, and really, the whole Orofino football program. When you have four starting senior linemen that average a leaned-down 265 pounds apiece; when you have a fourth year starting quarterback who can throw or run the ball and is smart on top of it; when you have experienced backs who are fast, fearless, and highly competitive, when you have receivers who can catch the ball as well as any we’ve seen and an outstanding coaching staff; how, in the heck, can you not be ranked?.
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  • Lady Maniac volleyball starts season with jamboree win
    The Lady Maniacs are a completely new team this year. After losing over half the team to graduation last year the 2014 OHS Maniac Volleyball team has a new approach to the game. Going from a powerhouse team with last year’s duo seniors, Taylor Erbst and Madison Parks, this year Coach Shannon Erbst is taking the smart route: lots of strategic placements. “There are a handful of girls that have to potential to be the powerhouses,” said Coach Erbst. “Courtney Adams has been the setter for the last three years and this year you will notice her doing more hitting for us.” To read the rest of this article, please subscribe. If you already subscribe, log in and read page 7A.

  • C-PTPA weekly fire update
    According to Fire Program Manager, Cameron Eck, firefighters with Clearwater-Potlatch Timber Protective Association (C-PTPA) reported a total of 17 fires all caused by lighting since Thursday, Aug. 21. Beginning on Aug. 21, the O’Donnell Creek fire was reported near Boehls, burning one-tenth of an acre. Twelve fires were reported on Friday, Aug. 22. Five of them were near Orofino; the Grangemont Pile fire, the Repeat Upper Fords fire, the Crooked Ridge fire, the Loseth Canyon fire, and the Bargamin fire all burned one-tenth of an acre. Four other fires reported on Aug. 22, were located near Elk River. Both the Old School fire and, the Cloverleaf fire burned one-tenth an acre, as did the Camp Six fire and Sailor fire.
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  • Rental fee set for Fraser Park Pavillion use
    The Board of County Commissioners Aug. 18 held a public hearing to consider the request from the Fraser Park Board to set a fee of $25 for use of the pavilion at Fraser Park. No one from the public was in attendance to offer testimony. The Board unanimously voted to approve to sign the Resolution No. 14-08-09 to set the pavilion rent fee for Fraser Park. The Board held a public bid opening for the Marine Building Addition construction project. Two bids were received, one from Magnums Concrete Forming and one from Precision Construction. The Board approved to take the bids under advisement to allow time for review. To read the rest of this article, please subscribe. If you already subscribe, log in and read page 5B.

  • Local resident victim of caller ID "spoofing"
    A local resident reported to the Clearwater Tribune that she received several phone calls from someone her caller ID identified as another local resident, whom she knew. But the call was coming from a telemarketer, and they were using an illegal caller ID disguising method called “spoofing.” Spoofing is a practice in which callers can deliberately falsify the telephone number and/or name relayed as the caller ID information to disguise the identity of the calling party. For example, identity thieves acting as your bank, credit card company, or even a government agency. Even if you are receiving a call from a local phone number, be careful and double check you know who is actually calling you.
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  • OES kindergarten starts one week late
    Orofino Elementary School (OES) kindergarten is beginning the 2014-2015 school year a week later than other grades. Kindergarten teachers are hosting a day to help parents and students transition into the kindergarten program. Parents should register for a 15-minute appointment with their child’s kindergarten teacher by calling the OES office at 476-4212. Appointments will be scheduled for Monday, Sept. 8, between 8 and 11:45 a.m. The first full day of kindergarten will be Tuesday, Sept. 9. A letter will be sent to each student and their parent(s) regarding alternative appointment instructions and other details. Please bring supplies (preferably unlabeled) if you have them.
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  • Letter to the Editor: Anthony Bryson
    I am submitting this letter, not to “stir” a hornet’s nest, or make certain people in this county uncomfortable. My only wish is that someone will read what I have to say, and maybe think about things in a different way. Let’s face it, all of us are “stuck” on this rock we call Earth, and how we live our lives becomes more important than finding answers to complex questions facing all of us today. No matter what anyone says, this country cannot afford to take hundreds of refugees, even though they are children. We can barely afford to feed ourselves and our children, much less, feed, house, and cloth all these kids form Honduras, or wherever they come from. That does not make us monsters, nor does it say that Americans are not passionate. What it does say about America is that our Welfare system is struggling to care for those already here, and the system will not allow for more people. I feel for those children, I really do. I wish America could take these kids in, take care of them, and keep them safe from the violence that brought them here in the first place. Yet, let’s remain realistic about this problem. A couple of weeks ago, a lady wrote about gas stolen from their Motor Home. She stated, “What has happened to Weippe?” (Or something to that extent). What has happened is that the majority of residents of Weippe have become complacent, and have probably just given up.
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  • Letter to the Editor: Support for refugees
    We the undersigned residents of Clearwater County support the messages and intent conveyed in the letters published in the Clearwater Tribune, written by Gary Hanes Aug. 7 and Aug. 21, and by Jeanette Gorman Aug. 14 regarding refugees. We recognize and support the validity of the Immigration Reform and Control Act. We recognize the legality and validity of its designation of the Attorney General of the United States (not a fearful mob) as determinant of temporary protected status of alien nationals. We support exercising our civil, moral and patriotic duty to follow the laws of our land while offering shelter to those in desperate need. We oppose wasting precious resources debating potential mandates that are unwarranted and illegal. To read the rest of this article, please subscribe. If you already subscribe, log in and read page 10A.

  • Down Memory Lane
    60 Years Ago - When Wilbur Cummings, 37, of Lewiston, was released on two years of parole in superior court at Asotin, WA recently, he returned to Orofino only to step into the waiting arms of Sheriff V.L. Holloway. Cummings had just gotten around a bad check court in Washington, but was wanted in Orofino on three worthless check counts. Complaints involving three $25 checks were brought by Roy Soule of Weippe, Arthur Hyde, and Bruce Montgomery. 70 Years Ago - Neil Berry, the seven-year-old son of Mr. and Mrs. Ted G. Berry, escaped what could have been fatal injuries this week when he fell from the west end of the Clearwater Bridge to the rock-strewn bank of the river. Miraculously Neil sustained no fractures from the high fall, though he did suffer a concussion from a deep head gash, plus bruising. Neil, along with Johnny Harrington, had been playing on the bridge when Neil slipped from the railing and fell. George Joye brought him to the hospital, after an unidentified woman who witnessed the fall flagged down Joye’s car.
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  • Zan's, Five Mile, and Lenore boat ramp closures
    Zan’s and Five Mile boat ramps on the Clearwater River will be closed for repairs through Wednesday, Sept. 10. The Lenore ramp will close Sept. 17-24. Idaho Fish and Game is improving these launch sites to allow for better quality river access. River users are reminded to make sure not to block work areas. Signage will also be posted at these locations to notify users of the closure area.
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  • Nez Perce-Clearwater National Forests welcome Labor Day visitors
    Despite the recent rash of wildfires, Labor Day visitors to the Nez Perce-Clearwater National Forests can still find plenty of safe, smoke-free places to enjoy their favorite outdoor activities. Fire danger is still very high, and there are a few road and trail closures due to active wildfires. Other roads may be closed because of ongoing construction. For current fire information and a list of closures please visit the Forests’ website,, or log on to You’re also invited to call your local Forest Service office for updates on road, trail and campground conditions. All offices will close Sept. 1 in observance of Labor Day. Offices will resume normal business hours on Sept. 2.
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  • Fraser news
    I talked to Dale Stuart on Saturday about their hail damage; he is still waiting for the insurance adjuster to evaluate his grain fields that were hit by the severe storm on Aug. 14. The trees in Fraser Park were hit hard by the same storm that did so much damage at the Brown Farm. Fraser Park had been closed since the storm. Logger, Gary Kleinsmith brought in his equipment to saw down the trees and then hauled the logs up to the Empire Lumber mill in Weippe. This took care of the danger of any one getting hurt by a falling tree. Christina Supak, Secretary for the Fraser Park Board, spent many hours organizing a cleanup day that took place on Saturday, Aug. 23. She had made arrangements with the Idaho National Guard Youth ChalleNGe Academy to have the cadets help with the cleanup.
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  • Happenings on the Hilltop
    THS Class of ‘74 will be holding their 40 year class reunion the weekend of Aug. 29-30. Kick off begins Friday afternoon with golf at Orofino Golf Course followed by a potluck BBQ at the Orofino City Park. Saturday will begin with a school bus ride from the park to Timberline, lunch in Pierce and back to the golf course for dinner. For more information contact Dan Smith (208) 476-0552 or Bob Hartig (208) 827-1674. Upwards Soccer began this week and there are a lot of kids signed up and not enough coaches. If you would like to help out as a coach or as an assistant, or if you have an elementary school age child who would like to play, there a few more openings on a couple of the teams. Call Andy Prawitz for more information at (208) 827-6829.
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  • Pierce news
    Historic Pierce Cemetery Friends will be proudly displaying the Memorial Flags on Labor Day, Monday, Sept. 1, at 8 a.m. at the Pierce Cemetery. The flags will be taken down at 6:30 p.m. that same evening, as we are putting the poles away for the season. Please join us in this worthwhile project! Maxine Selzler and two of her sons, KP and Kevin, all former Pierce residents, traveled up from the valley to visit long-time friend Rosie Reichenberg and to score some huckleberry jam from Leslie. To read the rest of this article, please subscribe. If you already subscribe, log in and read page 5A.

  • Sportsmen's Report for August 28
    Hunters who applied for controlled hunts in the second application period can find out if they were successful by logging onto Fish and Game's website: Now that the second draw is complete, hunters can get their tags in a variety of ways; at any IDFG license vendor, any IDFG office, or online at:  Hunters who were drawn can claim their tags at any time; there is no deadline to pick up a tag.

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