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Advertising in the Clearwater Tribune gives you these benefits:
Intense reader interest  *  More local news  *  Longer life for your advertising
 Classified word ads are published in the free online edition and can be viewed by everyone
The entire newspaper paper is put online, and all of our online subscribers can view your ad
Circulation that includes the continental U.S., Alaska, and Hawaii, as well as all of Idaho

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All advertising, news, and pictures
must be submitted by 5 p.m. each Monday to be considered for that week's issue.
Anything submitted after the deadline will be included only if space and time allow.
All news submissions are subject to editing.
If you wish something to be published exactly as written, it may require the purchase of a display ad.

To place an ad in the Clearwater Tribune you may:
1) Stop by our office at 161 Main Street, Orofino;
2) E-mail the information to Please include a billing address and phone number;
3) Phone us at 208-476-4571
and we will take the ad over the phone.

Rates as of June 1, 2014

Display Ad Rate -- $5.65 per column inch
[Ads with a border and text that run in the general paper]
Non-profit advertisers receive a 10% discount (please mention at the time ad is placed)
Ads that run every week receive a 10% frequency discount (please mention at the time ad is placed)

Classified Display Ad Rate -- $4.65 per column inch
[Ads with a border and text that run in the classified section]

Classified Word Ad Rate -- $5.50 for up to 10 words and 18 for each word thereafter for the first week.
[Ads that run in the classifieds but are comprised only of words.]
Bold: $1.00 charge for up to 4 consecutive weeks (the charge is more for ads in all bold)
Italics: $1.00 charge for up to 4 consecutive weeks
Words in all caps: $1.00 charge for up to 4 consecutive weeks
Centered heading: $2.00 charge for up to 4 consecutive weeks
Logo: The price of an additional 30 words will be included with the charge
Classified word ads that run consecutive weeks with no changes receive a discount beginning with the second week.

Obituary Rates: $50.00 for one publication of a standard-sized obituary. Long obituaries may cost more. Death and service notices are free.
All obituaries printed in the Clearwater Tribune are included on the free portion of our online paper at no extra charge.

Business Directory Rate: $55.00 per month
[Business card sized ads that run in a special section and are listed in alphabetized categories]
If you would like your business card as a Business Directory ad, please bring it to the newspaper office at 161 Main Street, Orofino.

Legal Advertising: Legal ads are charged by the line, and must be set up before a price can be quoted.
They are included on the online edition at no extra charge. Please let us know if you do not want your legal ad online.
[Ads for notice of summons, name changes, notice to creditors, timber sales, budget hearings, etc.]

Letters to the Editor: Letters to the editor have a 400 word limit. Letters that exceed this limit will be subject to space considerations, and may require the purchase of a display ad by the author of the letter if he or she wishes it to be published in its entirety. The editor reserves the right to reject or edit all letters. The author's hand-written signature is required for all letters.
Letters to the editor do not reflect the opinions of this newspaper.

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