Clearwater County Commissioners’ Proceedings Agenda
(The agenda is updated at the end of each week, when new agenda information becomes available)
Monday, August 18, 2014

(Roll call for Executive Session to Idaho Code Section 67-2345) 

  8:00 A.M.   Admin Time/New/Other Business/Expense/Payroll Claims

  8:30 A.M.   Maintenance Coon Annex Building – D. Gardner, C. Coon, A. Curtis

  9:00 A.M.   Executive Session – Indigents – L. Stifanick 

  9:30 A.M.   Sheriff’s Update – C. Goetz
10:00 A.M.   Bid Opening Marine Building Addition
10:30 A.M.  
Planning & Zoning Report – B. Kaufman

11:00 A.M.   Conference Update/Executive Session – Contracts – D. Erlewine

11:30 A.M.   Misdemeanor Probation Hiring – A. Curtis

  1:00 P.M.   Public Hearing-Establish Fraser Park Fee

  1:30 P.M.   Continued-Adopt Resolution #14-18-09

  2:00 P.M.   Road & Bridge Update – R. Simon 

  2:30 P.M.   Continued/Claim Broken Water Line

  3:00 P.M.   Executive Session-Personnel-Attorney Client – C. Tyler

  3:30 P.M.   New Hope Water Project Update-M. Bly

  4:00 P.M.   Continued

  4:30 P.M.   Approve/Deny/Sign-Minutes

  4:45 P.M.   Facilities Management Update – C. Struck

Decisions/Approve/Deny/Sign and File                       Upcoming Meetings

Expense/Payroll Claims                                                       8/18-21-IACC Conference-Orofino

Resolution No 14-08-09-Fraser Park Fee


Pending Business:

Shoshone County ROW Records
Forest Service Travel Guide Plan
Forest Plan Revision


Please note: Discussion times for agenda items are approximate. The Board reserves the right to move agenda items and adjust time schedule as needed. 

Any person needing special accommodations to participate in the above noticed meeting should contact the Clearwater County Commissioner’s Office prior to the meeting at 476-3615.